How can content writing freelancers boost their workflow?

by Content Whale

Freelancing is all about independence in terms of work hours, lifestyle, location, and stress. On the other hand, content writing is a service that requires a free mind and a sound environment. Now I guess you can figure how outstanding is the combination of freelancing and content creation. You can research and write according to your mood that will set the tone of your writing project. You may find the right workspace in your home or your favourite cafe and can write anytime you feel the creativity-surge on your mind.

There are n number of pros in choosing this career but arefreelance writing jobseasy to grab on?

If you know the right tips and tricks, then you can get your hands on even your dream online writing jobs. Here, I am going to share with you some proven hacks that can boost your workflow at its peak. Let’s move on to the top 6 strategies that can effectively land you some quality clients on your arsenal.

1) Optimize your social media profile

When you are reaching out to clients as a freelancer, your social media profile counts on many grounds. If you consistently provide value to your audience, it adds to your credibility. Also, optimizing your bio and profile would display your account search queries when any company looks up for a freelancer, so try to include your job role and relevant keywords in the bio as well as on the hashtags of your post.

Engaging in social media groups can open up a lot of opportunities. What’s more? Social media helps you build up a reputation that is ideal for acquiring good writing gigs. Your follower base will also add to your ability to deliver conversational content.


Here is a sample description of a LinkedIn Profile for a Growth Strategist and Digital Marketer

Hi, I am A.


I am a content writer by passion and a digital marketer by profession. Ever since my childhood days, I had developed a keen interest in writing.

Back then, I used to write small rhymes that came into my mind while writing essays for our English teacher.

That’s when I got the first glimpse of creativity in my way of doing this.

Growing up, I realized I am a natural marketer.

I would sell my mother’s handmade pieces of jewelry on Facebook by convincing FB folks with my copywriting skills. You won’t believe the conversion rate was as high as 40%.


I began to believe my content writing skills had the power to convince people and increase sales. So I decided to make this as my profession.


In 2017, I completed my digital marketing and growth hacking course.

Within a month, I received my offer letter from X company.


From 2017 to March 2019, during the course of my job, I learned how to do social media marketing, run paid advertisements, and understood every bit of Google Analytics reports.


My two years of service was a mutual win-win situation. My copywriting and digital marketing skills have gained X 15 valuable clients. In turn, I have learned the valuable skills of competitive analysis and audit reports by handling real-time clients.


Fast forward to 2020, after a big break of 9 months when I sharpened my content strategy and Online Reputation Management skills, I am back to business.


Now I am a freelance growth hacker and a startup consultant.

Guess what? I have helped 10 companies start their own online business and reach high conversions within months.


I have helped them with website creation, marketing strategies, and SEO web content for their online business. What makes me happier is that I could help them increase the page rank of their website in the SERP.


If you want any help too, my doors are 24*7 open for you. Just give me a call @ xxxxxxxxxx or drop in a mail [email protected] and I will revert you within 24 hours. Good luck!

2) Create an impressive portfolio

The sample work should speak for your writing skills. When an agency hires a freelancer, they try to gauge his/her abilities by the samples he/she shares. Your portfolio work should be free from all kinds of plagiarism and malpractices. Be very careful at maintaining the originality of your content. I advise you to invest in paid plagiarism checker tools to revise your content.

You should thoroughly research and organize the sample articles or copies. You can also create multiple work samples relevant to your niche, and if you are adaptable to any genre, then a good portfolio will help you showcase that. You can also attach links to the guest posts or previously published articles as a feasible display of writing skills.

Check out the portfolio of Paroma Tiwary here.

Some premium plagiarism checker tools along with their price are as follows:

  1. Copyscape Plagiarism Checker (paid tool minimum 10$ for Paypal users)
  2. Plagscan by Ouriginal [first 2000 words free credit (paid tool)]
  3. DupliChecker (free tool)
3) Add testimonials and recommendations

Testimonials and recommendations speak for you. When you are looking for freelance jobs online, you submit the resume to companies after doing a background check. Similarly, you can convince the potential client with testimonials and letters of recommendation. You see, reviews matter a lot when it comes to backing up skills and efficiency.

If you have satisfied your previous clients by meeting tight deadlines and delivering A-quality write-ups, then make sure that the prospective client sees that. Highlight those recommendations on the social media profile, resume, and wherever you can. Give the clients more in terms of quality and request for a testimonial along with the payment. Premium testimonials from reputed agencies will increase your credibility manifolds.

This is how testimonials add credibility to your work:

Saheli Chatterjee is a freelance mentor and influencer who helps people to bet high paying clients. She started as a freelance content writer and eventually evolved to be a social media influencer, marketer and mentor.

You will always find testimonials of successful clients on her social media handles and websites who took her mentorship program.

Her testimonials not only serve as a dependable and trustworthy source of credit, but also promotes her as a successful coach. The following screenshot from her website shows how she uses testimonials for building her reputation online:

View her website here.

Some Important Points:

  1. You can also display them as story highlights on your social media if you don’t have a website.
  2. Business platforms like LinkedIn have a separate section for recommendations.
  3. Google ratings or reviews on any other review-platform such as Clutch or Trustpilot will provide the same advantage.
4) Cold pitch to your dream clients

Cold pitching is a sure-shot way of landing on awesome projects if you are determined to bag freelance jobs online. The email list is your greatest asset. You can grow a client base slowly and steadily by pitching them on multiple touch bases. You can go for a 4 to 7 touch base follow up strategy. Stay consistent and keep adding to the list. One can extract a large number of emails without any hassle by using chrome plugins. Use tools such as and the emails will land directly to the prospect’s primary mailbox.

Cold-pitching has a conversion rate as high as 50%. Do you want to pitch your dream clients like a pro? If yes, then customize their emails after studying their behavioural aspects using AI assistance such as Crystal Knows.

Check out the best cold pitch templates for freelance writers.

Here are some templates that may come handy for pitching to your target:

Hi {name} 

I’m reaching out to see if you need someone who can help with content at {Company}. 

I’m {your name}. I’m a Google certified digital marketer and I’ve been featured in {insert where you’ve been featured/guest blogged on}. 

I’d like to know if you need a freelance writer who can help with your, and your clients’, content needs. I can help with writing blog posts, guest posts, resources, newsletters, landing page content and any of your other content marketing needs. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic has crippled a lot of business activities, I believe I have the skills and expertise required to help your business grow at this point in time.

I’d be happy to discuss how I can be of help. 

Best Regards, 

{your name}

You can use the following template if you do not wish to highlight your certifications:

Hi {name} 

I’m reaching out to see if you need a freelance writer who can help with content at {Company}.

I’m {your name}. {insert relevant social proof}.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has crippled a lot of business activities, the {mention client industry} is booming right now — and I feel I have the skills and expertise required to help your business grow at this point in time.

I can help with writing blog posts, guest posts, resources, newsletters, developing content/blogging strategy, landing page content and any of your other content marketing needs. I’m confident that having me on your team will yield a positive ROI for you.

I will be happy to discuss how I can be of help.

Best Regards,

{your name}

Visit this website to know more about cold-pitches.

5) Leverage LinkedIn

As a freelancer, here are some keywords that you can use on your linkedIn profile: Keywords that make your profile searchable:

  1. Your profile should come on top when people are searching for, suppose, “Content writer in Mumbai” , or “Freelance copywriter.” 
  2. Make sure that the profile heading has “What service you provide” and the intro contains “What opportunities you are open to.” 
  3. The intro section should consist of all the relevant keywords are key-phrases related to your services and skills. Eg: Freelance writer, freelance content writing, web content writer, SEO writing specialist, content strategist, content curator and many more. 
  4. Fill all your details including the location, your current designation, etc. 
  5. You have to write the heading yourself using all the keywords, or else, it will automatically show your latest work experience.

(During the process of placing keywords, do not forget to add a narrating and engaging tone in the intro.)

6) Find your gig on freelance websites

You can find a lot of freelance content writing jobs in communities such as Upwork and Fiverr. These websites allow you to explore multiple gigs at a time. Build an imposing resume and a highly optimized profile and start applying for niche opportunities. Although, on a personal note, I don’t prefer specific websites that bargain on rates and make them considerably low.

If you are confident in your skills, don’t consider lowering the rates. On the other hand, if you are a newbie in the freelancing world, then you can consider such websites to build an impressive portfolio. With time, as your skills will develop, you can increase the paisa per word rates.

Some freelance websites where you can apply:

  1. Upwork
  2. Fiverr
  3. Freelancer
  4. FlexJobs
  5. SolidGigs

Freelance content writing jobs are not hard to find if you know the right way to do it. To sum it up, you have to engage with the community and keep your profiles and resume optimized to be noticed by the potential clients. The content writing industry is booming over the past six months, and you can make the most of it in your freelancing career. Leverage business platforms like LinkedIn and strengthen your base in the content writing sector. To add to trustworthiness and reliability, make sure to add testimonials and recommendations from satisfied clients wherever possible. Last but not least, try applying for various content writing gigs at freelance websites available online.

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