What is blog marketing and how to use it?

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Are you wondering what is blog post marketing, and is it worth the time you are investing? What is the importance of blog marketing, and does it have a good ROI?

If yes, then analyze the recent trends given below, and you will receive all your answers!

  • 57% of marketers proclaim they’ve amassed clients, particularly through blogging.
  • 53% of marketers have declared that blogging is their primary content marketing priority after social media marketing.
  • B2B marketers who have their articles and blogs get 67% more leads than those who don’t.

Here are some additional stats marketers need to know

Surprised, but still not sure?

Read on, and we will convince you that blog writing and marketing has the potential to set up a massive and exemplary presence on all the digital platforms and thereby enhancing your profits exponentially!

Table of contents:-

  1. What is blog marketing?
  2. What are the elements of blog marketing? 
  3. How to use blog marketing? 
  4. Why is blog marketing important? 
  5. Bottom line

1. What is blog marketing?

Blog marketing is a strategy that endorses a business, website, brand or service via the medium of blogs. This includes but is not restricted to marketing via advertisements placed on blogs, promotion via entries on third party blogs, recommendations and reviews by the blogger and cross-syndication of data across numerous business blogs.

In 2017, blog marketing showed to boost lead flow by 60% on average and, in some cases, as extensively as 700%. Blog writing is an integrated part of content marketing and an efficient method for amassing leads. These leads will certainly purchase a product or service from the firm using this tactic. Blog content marketing is a proven and productive way to cultivate prospects and leads.

Moreover, as blog writing has grown in ease and vogue, many people have established businesses from blogging on their own instead of having a business first and then blogging.

2. Elements and Components of Blog Marketing

Blog articles use simple platforms that enable connecting with and sharing quick and noteworthy information for clients’ direct information channels.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Search engines reward useful content that is periodically published.
  • The very nature of blogging renders them perfect for marketing since they deliver fresh content to attract clients, and offer a way for customers and businesses to interact. Any blog with decent content can convert more people because of its ability to give significant advice and positively influence people.
  • Business Blogs with images and relevant content get 94% more page views than those with intimidating long and boring content. Visual aids are more exhilarating; these photos can also help the readers understand your posts more easily.
  • Businesses use the blog’s content on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, ebooks and email newsletters or anywhere they circulate the content to increase sales.
  • Suppose your company offers numerous products or services. In that case, you must ensure that each post dedicated to a specific product or service is placed under the appropriate category and is tagged suitably. This will help you organize your content on your page, so it simplifies your customer journey and help them locate the information quickly.
  • Blogs establish two-way conversations with clients, potential customers and industry associates by creating a comment section below. This can build confidence in the firm and can boost sales and profits. It is a means of receiving access to their feelings and viewpoints, which are critical aspects that many modern marketers and business owners adopt as a blog marketing strategy.
  • One of the important elements of blog marketing includes developing a blog calendar comparable to an editorial calendar. Blog writing keeps a company focused on its content marketing objectives and helps them increase their business traffic on search engines through link building and B2B marketing.
  • Trust the capability and potential of auto-suggestion. Always suggest something for your visitors to check out so they would go on with browsing and reading your blog. It will stimulate them to click on some additional blog titles and excavate fascinating stuff on your page that would ultimately convert them and increase your conversion rates.
  • People in business can promote their company philosophies, brand stories and disclose ingenious ideas through blog marketing campaigns. This is one of the pros of blog marketing as it lets clients and prospects understand how that company can help unravel consumer issues with its products and services. Medium is a platform that can aid businessmen and digital marketers in a blog marketing effort.

Blogs are long-term marketing aids and incredibly cost-effective. People in business can take advantage of blog analytics which keeps a record of trending topics, click-through rates, comments, social network shares, and what days and times the blog earns the most readers.

So, if blog authors are wondering how to increase blog traffic? Tools such as Medium helps to increase blog traffic tremendously.

3. How to use blog marketing?

One of the most beneficial ways to create brand awareness, while delivering suitable and helpful content to your target audience is through writing constant 10-15 blog posts per month for marketing purposes. Blogging is a reasonable way for minor businesses to drive traffic to their site, increase inbound marketing actions and persuade more important clients.

Beginning with a blog and utilizing it to expand your business can be set up within minutes. It’s continuous management and marketing that will take time but believe us, and it will be worth it.

The main focus of blog marketing is, ‘how to increase blog traffic?’ For that first of all, make a blog marketing plan as shown below! Next, create your content as per the blog format and fill it with several posts as soon as possible.

It would help if you kept your audience engaged on the blog platform. You must use a conversational tone for blog promotion, cut the fluff and provide a range of blog topics that interests your target audience.

Introduce social media into your blogs so that your blog writings go out to your followers, and don’t forget to reply to the comments. You can use your blog to encourage email signups too. Signups are an incredible way to keep interested people about your business coming back to your blog, which gives them more chances to spend money with you.

Remember, your blog must be mobile-friendly because over half of the internet searches now occur on a mobile device, according to Google’s announcement in May 2015.

Pro tip: If you want to grow and market your blog, you must extend your circle that is being seen and heard. If you can learn to broaden your network, you’ll see your traffic grow rapidly.

4. Why is blog marketing important?

Blogging is a significant component of any business. But the query we always receive is, “why does my company need a blog?” It doesn’t matter what type of business you manage; whether it is online entrepreneurship or a local business, you should still have a blog. Blog writing helps people to know that you exist and what services you have to offer.

Blogging and posting appropriate content is an extremely valuable tool to boost traffic to your website and your services. With the assistance of SEO schemes like titles, keywords,  meta descriptions, and so forth, blog posts become an influential tool for increasing visibility for your brand.

a. Enhances Search Engine Ranking:

Google, specifically, likes to find and rank fresh content. For that purpose, many entrepreneurs use blogging, particularly for search engine optimization (SEO).

b. Enables You to Earn Trust and Credibility:

People like to understand and know who they’re doing business with. With a blog, you can substantiate you are a professional and can deliver beneficial tips and other profitable information—all of which help customers feel good about spending money on your product or service.

c. Builds More Opportunities for Revenue:

You can endorse affiliate products, accept advertising and get sponsors, adding additional sources of earnings to your business. Blogs showcase a corporation’s proficiency and solidify industry credibility.

d. Simple to Use:

Most blogging platforms are easy to employ. If you know how to copy, paste, type drag and drop, and upload, you can have a professional-looking blog effortlessly. 

e. Produces Website Traffic:

Offering advice, updates, and other fresh and trendy content give people a reason to return to your business website, which entitles them to buy. Hence, captivating blogs help increase blog traffic.

Bottom Line

The biggest strength of blog marketing comes from the viral impact of some blog posts. Visitors pick up intriguing and delightful stories and blog about them on other third-party blogs. Their visitors, in turn, circulate the message to others.

All this is done at a very small expense to the advertiser and often has a snowball effect that can be launched with just periodic strategically placed blog entries and comments on others’ blogs.

So now what are you waiting for, start blog marketing today with the right team of blog writers and witness your business grow with the speed of light!

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