How To Make Money Writing

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1. Introduction

With the advent of digital transformation, everything shifted to online platforms. This is why businesses and individual brands look for ways to increase their online presence. Given this colossal demand amongst business owners to enhance their online presence, digital marketing and online content creation are witnessing a surge. 

More and more young individuals are exploring these fields and trying to enter into the world of content to become accomplished professional writers. However, let’s face it, unlike people’s perception, blog or article writing is not a cakewalk or the easiest way to make a living. 

Also, even when blog post writing is emerging as the most flexible profession, you will need exceptional writing skills and consistent practice to become a successful content writer. Moreover, as more than 7 million blogs get published every day, no one will bother to read your writing gigs if you do not write engaging content. 

2. What is precisely blog writing?

Blog writing is the new generation standard of content consumption. It is pretty similar to writing a journal, with the only difference being that here you publish your content on the online platform. 

You might likewise be stunned to know that more than 600 million blogs got posted online to date. However, not every blogger posting content online has a steady source of income from writing or a full-time job in writing. 

Even when starting an online blog or article is easy, the challenge arises from a lack of traffic, no full-time income, lack of knowledge and other details. Also, With such a limitless quantity of content created every day and type of writing, finding the appropriate audience is key to becoming a successful writer and monetizing your writing to earn a passive income. 

So, how do you earn money writing?

Don’t worry! The subsequent section is all about tips to make money through writing on a regular basis. 

3. Top tips to start earning from writing

Mentioned hereunder are some top tips to earn money through writing. 

3.1. Start writing magazine, journals or newspaper articles and blogs 

Notwithstanding the universal “content fatigue,” influential online and offline publishing houses must create quality content or discontinue working. Just glance at the unlimited possibilities for writing gigs on any job portal. That implies successful WordPress blogs, magazines, and journals continue to be eager to get quality content writing and are willing to pay a handsome amount for it.

 All you need to do is find the best writing jobs and understand that you would not earn enormous amounts overnight. Also, apart from writing for a particular company, being a freelance writer is yet another intelligent way to make money online as a writer. 

Now let’s move on to blogs. 

Even though writing articles for successful blogs (guest blogging) is still usually unpaid, with most brand-new writers marketing their content for publications, numerous anomalies still exist. A well-composed guest post can point to freelance writing gigs and other paid jobs. 

And what about the print world or traditional publishing? Is that still a profitable way to earn a living as a professional writer in these technologically advanced times?

Conventional publishing has held a bumpy ride, but several customer publications are still running strong, and numerous of these magazines still pay a considerable amount for a feature article on a wide range of topics. Of course, you cannot anticipate landing a profitable opportunity directly, and you will need to ascend the steps via smaller, regional magazines, establishing your trustworthiness as you go.

3.2. Earn Money by creating content for content-hungry businesses

In the past few years, the concept of creating valuable content to attract an online audience and build credibility and confidence has undoubtedly reached the mainstream.

The outcome? 

More and more companies are going into the content game. Some possess a precise strategy, while others are simply jumping on the bandwagon and expecting it pays off from time to time. 

This created an enormous market for intelligent technical writers who can write for a particular audience. 

These content-hungry businesses require articles, case studies, white papers etc., and they fully intend to pay writers a fair amount. While breaking into this market can be challenging without contacts, it is not improbable.

Initially, you may require to struggle for attention or a writing opportunity with thousands of other enthusiastic freelance writers competing for online writing jobs on marketplaces like Fiverr and Also, with perseverance and dedication, you can build a track record of thriving projects to stand out from the low-earning writers.

Nevertheless, this route demands a writing portfolio of your creative writing skills and not just a knowledge of the target niche, but digital marketing basics and SEO. In other terms, you will require more than a laptop and zeal for writing to influence this crowd, and you will need to convince customers that you know the bigger picture. 

Also, one intelligent way to distinguish yourself as an expert writer is to create your platform, using guest blogging and social media posts to prove the expertise you wish to harness for others.

3.3. Earn money writing through becoming a conversion-focused copywriter

Copywriting, in simpler terms, is writing intended to make users take a particular action. Sales reports, product descriptions and video scripts are all those things that require writing by someone, and they live or die on the outcomes they generate. 

Also, even when copywriting might not look fundamentally dissimilar to other kinds of writing skills, but in practice, it’s a method all of its own.

While there is a bias towards more empathetic, conversational copywriting, walking away from the hype-fuelled “obstinate sell” would still require substantial knowledge of the laws of persuasion. Hence, unless you hold a copywriting background, be ready to invest your time and money in learning copywriting the fundamentals before actually earning from it. 

3.4. Create a niche blog and promote third party products

Writing a popular blog post or article is tough and once you ascended your blog beyond a particular point, you might be surprised how limited time you spend doing the job you love — writing.

Therefore if your goal is to create a six-figure blog, you’d better be as enthusiastic about the possibility of administering a company as you are about drafting your next blog article. (In case if you are making six figures, you should probably start outsourcing).

However, there is a route to earning money from a blog where you still spend a sufficient part of your time writing. And it begins with choosing a writing niche where a generous, enthusiastic audience previously subsists, and this is vital where you can get prosperous goods from big names to market.

Also, promoting affiliate goods (affiliate marketing) is a much intelligent means to begin earning money from a blog than formulating your product. Moreover, with an affiliate product, someone else has previously performed the hard work of verifying the business, creating the output, and improving it based on client feedback. In addition, many affiliate goods pay high percentages (50% or even more) as the incremental production expense of digital goods is essentially zero. 

Ideally, you will understand what goods you will market even before beginning your blog because then you’re building an audience that flawlessly harmonises your offer.

Of course, you still ought to perform all the material that makes a blog thriving,  writing transcendent content, growing your email subscribers, reaching out to social media influencers, etc. — but writing continues a significant portion of the equation, i.e., generating the high-quality content that brings an audience to your site.

3.5. Work with a content market agency to develop your blog

Admit it or not, blogging and online content writing have become unusually prevalent in the advertising and marketing world. There are now companies exclusively provisioned to helping bloggers to big labels. 

Working with an agency can be pretty profitable as it extends you a sense of security. However, you will need to possess a pretty good following to get hired in the first place. Also, as agency charges are high, only the most influential brands will be able to manage to operate with you.

4. The Bottom Line 

After looking at all the points above, you might have understood that you can unquestionably make a fortune writing. Also, you must note that writing for money is not a vague concept. In addition, hundreds and thousands of professional freelance and full-time writers are earning money through their blogs and articles either by trading ad space, their individual goods/services, or with the help of affiliate marketing. 

Moreover, anyone can learn how to earn money writing. However, the amount of funds you will make depends on the volume of work you get.  Also, online writing or blogging is not a simple job, and it’s not something that will produce outcomes in a few months or even years, it will need time and perseverance. However, once you become a pro, it is one of the highest-paying fields. 

5. Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs)

a. How to Make Money Writing As a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is one of the best side hustles. It is adaptable, pays considerably, and it’s fun. It can blend well into any university student’s schedule and be a transcendent extra income for young individuals looking to expedite student loan pay-off. Mentioned hereunder are some tips to become a freelance writer. 

  • Decide what kind of freelancer you want to be

This is the most crucial step. There are several kinds of freelance writers classified under the freelancer umbrella.

The most popular kinds of freelance writing are:

  1. Article/feature article writing
  2. Blogging
  3. Copywriting
  4. Social Media Content
  5. Technical writing

Consider which projects seem most appealing to you, along with what you believe you’d be competent at. For instance, you may not find it enjoyable to compose specialised instructions. However, you may relish drafting a regional business feature or writing top parenting advice on a mom blog.

Hence you’d presumably favour writing for blogs, growing websites or small businesses. The choice is entirely up to you. However, if you fancy technical writing, go for it!

  • Cut down your niche

Now that you understand what kind of freelance writer you want to be, it is time to cut down your niche. The most dependable and successful freelancers train in a specific writing niche. This is how potential customers locate them and match them with outlines.

Accept it or not, selling yourself as a generic freelancer may fail, and if you wish to become a Jack of all trades, clients will think you’re not expert enough. Also, picking a niche enables you to get more skilled at covering a specific subject to grow as a specialist on that topic.

b. How to make money writing on Medium is amongst the few blogging and online writing platforms where you can instantly sign up, post your transcendent blog post content, and earn after a month. You don’t require a niche, nor do you need affiliate marketing or annoying advertisements to make money on Medium. 

If you do not know, is an online article or blog publishing website where any person could write online content, browse thoughtful features, and share their beliefs with the audience. If you want to earn money on the Medium blogging platform, follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • Apply as a writer on the Medium blogging site. 
  • Submit your writing samples along with other details
  • Get accepted
  • To begin earning, write articles or blog posts with the meter my story box verified.
  • Make money when people surfing Medium spend time reading your article.
  • Increase profits through Referred Memberships on Medium.
  • Get paid periodically.

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