How to get your blogs picked by google news?

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While many blogs get published over the internet every day, only a few of them manage to cut for google news. Google News is fundamentally a content accumulation portal that Google launched to organize and collocate the global news showcase in numerous forms and make it more approachable. The main reason why every individual blogger or blog writing company wishes to get picked by google is that Google News grants about 10 billion clicks or redirects to countless blog publishers every month worldwide, and even if you receive 0.1 per cent of these clicks or redirects on your blog, it is massive!

1. Tips to get your blogs picked by google news

Getting your blogs to appear in the News article feed can be a huge achievement for your business. It can further assist in driving more organic traffic to your website and various other advantages. Although, to make your blog writing get selected for the google news industry, you must always take assistance and adopt Google news showcase and news publication SEO.

This Google Search SEO is a form of Search Engine Optimization that allows blog publishers or blog writing platforms to become official news aggregators and drive 100 times higher traffic on digital platforms than what is obtained from the regular Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, for making your blog selected for Google search engine news, the blog that you published must always provide a valuable written or audio news experience no less.

Please look at a few important tips from the top 10 blogging tips for beginners that you can consider and easily understand how to create high-quality content that readily gets picked by All-new Google News products.

1.1 Submit your blogs to the sites that are picked by the Google news


While a blog published on your website or blog post may not get discerned by Google News, the same article published on a blog writing site that is routinely highlighted on Google News feed holds entirely distinct probabilities. The chances of these blogs getting picked by Google news surfaces are higher than your blog. Hence, to make your blog get picked by news outlets, all you must do is subscribe to the keyword alerts and Google news alerts.

After choosing the right keyword related to your blog writing style, you can easily choose the blogging sites regularly featured on Google news, related to your niche or get into partnerships with news publishers to appear on Google’s Advanced news search page. After identifying the platform, you can determine whether to associate with that platform for the long term or perform guest blogging on that particular site.

For example, suppose you create blogs related to, say, marketing or digital marketing, for that matter. In that case, you can search for the top blogging sites related to digital marketing that regularly gets featured in the google news outlet, and you can get your blogs published on those news sites with an internal linking on your site to increase your blog traffic. 

1.2 Create worthy blog posts

Another way in which you can make your blogs picked by News Corp is by creating some valuable and worthy blog post articles with attractive snippets of articles or news headlines that hold the potential of keeping the avid news readers engaged. A valuable blog post is extremely beneficial for the readers and includes the right set of keywords.

However, keep in mind that adding keywords in abundance will never make your blog Google newsworthy. It can further lower your blog’s chances of appearing in it because nowadays, Google can easily track your keyword usage with the help of its advanced artificial intelligence features. If it appears more than 2 per cent in the blog, you can be penalized, and the ranking of your blog can deteriorate, according to Google content policies.

1.3 Concentrate on best SEO methods


Rather than immediately wanting to get your entire content to get picked by Google news feed, you must initially focus on how to increase your blog traffic by employing the right and the most suitable SEO practices. While adoption of this practice can initially take time, it is assured that it will lead to higher traffic on your blog and will further make it easier for your blog to get picked by this largest news aggregator in the long run.

1.4 Create related content on the same topic

Another tip to make your blog writing noticed by the Google news stories feed is to publish related explicit content on the same topic. For example, if you are a fashion blogger, then, in that case, you can pick out one topic and create multiple different blogs on them and each one of them from a different perspective. Doing this will certainly increase your blog visibility and public access, and the odds of it getting picked by Google news surfaces increases.

2. How does the Google news feed operate?


Google news feed does not operate as a news publisher. Rather, it works as a news aggregator service that gathers all the headline news stories from across the world and then uses artificial intelligence algorithms to rank them based on the consumption of news and access to content.

In addition to this, to curtail the visibility and inclusion of misleading news and hateful content, Google has put more stress on publicizing official results termed the most recent or the most appropriate when people look for some breaking news. Apart from this, Google further colludes with publicists in news services to structure information and include high-quality network connections and news sitemaps to help the search engine recognize the most credible news sources for a better online news experience. Also, Google holds an expert team that constantly perform an analysis of user queries, dangerous content and prepare digital news report to enhance the quality of user experience.


To make the user experience better, Google further classifies the news stories based on the following parameters. With these parameters’ help, Google decides which blogs are worthy of getting a prominent position in its news feed. 

a. Pertinence:

The initial parameter on which Google classifies news or any blog is based on user relevance. If your blog is relevant to the query raised by a user, some chances google will place it on the top of its feed. 

b. User Interest:

User interest is another parameter on which Google classifies its news feed. For example, if a user is interested in sports, Google will provide direct access to a news feed related to sports.

c. Area/Location:

This determinant considers providing local news based on your area or location. It further takes into consideration all related regional news of that area as well. 

d. Renown:

If the matter of the newsworthy blogs is trending in the present times or holds renown, then Google news feed is more likely to put that piece on top of the list. 

e. Freshness and Usability:

Rather than showing the older content, again and again, Google provides more preferences for topics that contain new information that renders some unique information. In addition to this, Google further places the blogs on top if it feels that they are more usable for the people in terms of information rendered. Google additionally takes into account the page loading speed and design of the blog and decides whether to give it a top position in the news feed or not.

3. The bottom line

Getting your blog added to the Google news feed can hold countless benefits for your business. If you endeavour to get your blog picked by Google news, you must always create quality content and add the right keywords related to the blog you have written. While getting your blog in the Google news feed can take up some time, it is assured that you can easily make your blog appear in the Google news feed with the help of the tips mentioned above. 

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