How to create a successful blog?

by Contentwhale

1. Tips to create a successful blog post

Creating a blog is a wondrous experience. Building a successful blog is not easy but can be done with little effort and a lot of passion. By blog writing, you will be creating content that will be read and shared by many on search engines and judged and criticized. There are many mistakes one can make while creating a blog. If you are trying to understand how to create a blog post, here are some tips for you.

1.1 Select a domain name

Your domain name is essentially the title of your website. Pay utmost attention while choosing a domain name because it creates the first impression of your site. It is the URL address of your website. For example, is Google’s domain name. If you cannot think of a creative domain name, there are websites like wordoid and Bluehost that will provide you with one. 


1.2 Settle on a blogging platform

Before you get started to create a blog, choose a blogging platform of your preference. Many platforms on the internet offer you free services like WordPress, Tumblr, and so on. Do a little research before on the themes and services they offer while choosing the platform and stick to it. The platform you choose plays a major role in your search engine optimization, so pay more attention.

1.3 Choose your aesthetic

Themes are most helpful for those bloggers who cannot code. If you have no idea about HTML and CSS, then themes are your best friends. These blog themes help you customize the looks of your page easily. For example, if you want to start a website where you would like to blog about food, pick a premium theme that signifies your topic’s essence while creating an appealing visual layout. Remember not to include many blog articles on your website and start with a simple theme. Also, stick to one to two topics because making a general website where you write about many ideas will not please the search engines and your current readers.

1.4 Pick a topic

You know you have to cling to one main topic for your blog content writing, two maximum! Now the question is how to decide on a blog topic? Well, the answer is pretty simple, create a blog or guest posts on what you love the most! If you select a blogging niche just because you find it the most popular, your content will suffer because you cannot write a creative blog with passion. Due to this, your work’s quality, which is the most important aspect in creating a successful blog, is compromised, and the blog’s reach will drop. If you are a foodie, write about many recipes and restaurants to visit in your blog or guest blog posts instead of writing about computer software or a fashion blog that you think will build your monthly readers through organic search.

1.5 Get writing 

There are two things to keep in mind before you start writing. Firstly, pick keywords. This may appear to be simple, but your blog’s success depends mostly on this job itself. Choose keywords carefully so that they will not only gain you popularity but are also search engine favourites. These keywords come at a different difficulty level; choose those based on your blog content strategy. Secondly, try to create blog post ideas about these keywords. Please focus on the selected keywords throughout your content, create a blog strategy on it and keep revising it from time to time to gain higher blog traffic and email subscribers.

1.6 Formatting

Though the content is unique and well written, well-formatted blog writing will do wonders on your page. Format your data with suitable subheadings and make a few bullet points so that it is easier for the readers to find the content they came looking for. You can sometimes even get away with content on which you didn’t do your best with a neatly formatted exhibition. The neat presentation leaves a good impression of your website in readers’ minds. 


1.7 Marketing

It would help if you spent as much time marketing your content as you did writing it. The more time you spend on advertising, the more reach you will achieve. Promoting your content does not mean simply advertising on social media with a caption saying how to create a blog for search engines! It takes more effort, and you should spend time on email marketing. Additionally, consider guest blogging to raise outreach and expedite the entire process of your blog marketing strategy. Look at the following example,


The image and the tagline directly talk about what they want to advertise without any fluff. The advertisement reaches the minds of readers instantly without effort. A catchy tagline or caption will boost your content marketing strategy.

1.8 Update your blog

Now that you are equipped with a self-hosted blog page and topic, all you have to do is start writing valuable content. Keep updating your website details like the about page, contact page, and other header pages you may have added. Keep the website user-friendly and add some images to make it look fun. Pick a logo and a catchy tagline. You can create your logo on Photoshop or free tools like Photopea but design a quick logo. 

1.9 Handle criticism

If you are a newbie in blog writing, keep in mind that you will face critics. Not everyone will love your work but remember, not everyone has to. Despite good content, there are always people leaving negative feedback, and there are few who criticize your work without even reading it! All you have to do in such cases is ignore these comments as they are a total waste of time. Instead, pay close attention to the positive criticism that provides you with an opportunity to improve on a daily basis and enhance your skills.

1.10 Publish in a timely fashion

Give a thought on when and how frequently you want to publish your work. Posting too often is as bad as not posting for a long time. Consistency is the key. Stick to a routine to make things easier for you, and try to post at least thrice a week. Even if you take time between your posts, make sure the content is of top quality. It all comes down to the quality of your content in the end to create a blog that runs successfully. 

1.11 Reveal yourself

Get personal with your audience by talking a little about yourself in the about section. You can even add real-life examples to your content to make it more unique, and your readers will love it. By sharing a little about yourself in your content, you can increase the relatability factor, and your readers will be drawn to your content. 

1.12 Proofread before publishing

When you are finished with your blog writing, make sure you proofread it and check for spelling mistakes. It is crucial to proofread your blog because a blog with improper grammar will lose its credibility. The search engines will also not be able to identify your blog because of these errors. Editing or proofreading your work might take double the time, but it is worth it because you don’t want to publish a bad piece. 


2. The gist

Creating a successful blog can take up a bit of time and effort and you have to run an extra mile to make your blog post reach more and more readers. Once you get an idea about how to handle this tedious work, it gets easier.

  • Create high-quality content and publish consistently. 
  • Give importance to digital marketing and register for an affiliate program for better outreach
  • Avoid cluttering your page with unwanted information.

Keep all these points in mind to create a triumphant blog page. Also, if you are a start-up or an established business looking for ways to promote your business through content marketing, always seek the assistance of a content writing agency. Hiring an expert content writing company can save you from a lot of hassles and further generate high-quality SEO blog posts to promote your business.

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