Top 10 skills every Content Writer must have in order to succeed

by Content Whale

In this digital age, individuals, start-ups, and businesses are striving hard to make it big in the online world. Content is one of the main tools used to improve brand awareness, gain traffic, and boost sales. Content writing and content marketing are widely used by marketers to enhance brand recognition and sales. Many content writers and freelancers work to curate content either for their own blogs and websites or for other companies. 

Many marketers prefer to outsource content requirements as they feel professional content writers can provide excellent quality and well-researched content. There is heavy competition in the content writing field, and to survive the competition, there are various content writer skills required. There are many content writers like blog writers, copywriters, web content writers, technical writers, and many more. The first step towards being a content writer is to choose the niche in which you are comfortable with. After that, watch content writing tutorials to understand the process entirely. There are many key skills for a content writer in order to shine in their field. 

Here are a few key skills for a content writer in order to become successful:

Being a content writer, the first and foremost thing to practice is to write original content. There are hundreds of writers writing on the same subject. So to get high and organic traffic, it is necessary to provide quality as well as unique content. 

A properly curated content with minimal fluff and relevant information is known to lure the readers and keep them interested in reading further. Presenting an error-free and unique content will have a favorable outcome. Be it any type of content, blogs, articles, website, or social media posts, publishing relevant and original content will let the readers learn something new, and thus they will show more interest. First, try to write for the readers; it will automatically help in boosting the presence on search engines. 

Also, simply copying the content or rephrasing the sentences will not make you a qualified content writer. Plagiarism is a serious cyber offense and must not be practiced as it may raise some legal issues. Always write the entire content in your own words and from your own perspective to become a good content writer and to earn organic traffic. Even the content writing job description states that it requires a person with good creative skills and who can produce original content.

  • Adaptable to the content market 

Another key skill for content writers is to be flexible to any change. The digital world is constantly evolving, and with each passing day, some new change or update is made. So it is necessary to adapt to the content market as the rules keep changing. Stay in the loop to know about any new update or tools which come into the market regarding content writing and content marketing. 

Another content writer skill required is to be adaptable to changes that occur in the field that you are writing about. 

Let us take an example of the education sector; the traditional classroom teaching methods are getting replaced by online portals that educate the students. So, if you had previously written a blog on classroom education, with time, you must adapt, and start publishing on online classroom programs. Be it content about finance, education, healthcare, automobile, lifestyle, or any subject, read about them frequently to know about the latest information. 

Being updated with the technology and current trends is mandatory while writing on any topic from any field. Also, use your old content to modify it into something fresh as it will help in gaining readers. Keep revamping the content to stay in the game. 

  • Good editing and proofreading skills

Imagine writing high-quality content by inserting unique and fancy words but end up making a few basic grammatical errors. Even if the write-up is not too glamorous, the readers will appreciate it if it is properly presented with correct grammar. Basic grammatical mistakes will hinder you from being a content writer

Make sure to have a good hold over vocabulary and grammar. Also, don’t just publish or send the content as soon as you are done with it. Indulge in proofreading it at least twice to spot the errors. Along with proofreading, make sure to edit the content as it helps in polishing the content immensely. Editing and proofreading are the writer’s skills and qualities. There are many tools available online that help in proofreading and editing your content. 

  • Patience to research about content 

One of the writer’s skills and qualities include patience. Being a writer requires a lot of patience to research and understand the subject before starting to write. Many writers write about the same topic; to make your content stand unique, it should be detailed and informative. 

Also, not all the writers will have knowledge about all the subjects under the sun. If you do not have an idea about a particular subject or have only basic knowledge, don’t hesitate to take some time to understand the topic. Investing a few hours can help in getting the hang of the subject. This is to make your content relevant, and you need not fill it with fluff. 

Readers like to read the content which is relevant, detailed, and helps them learn something new. So, make sure to take the help of search engines to research the topics. Ensure that you understand the topic and produce the entire content in your own words. Be patient and research for the information but do not take the idea or simply rephrase the words as it will not help in gaining readers. Produce 100% unique content if you want to attract organic traffic.

  • Have basic knowledge of SEO

One of the main reasons for content writing and content marketing ruling the digital world is because it helps in gaining a place in the first Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). Marketers spend quality time carrying out Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for their website. There are millions of websites and webpages, and to rank amongst the top is necessary to improve traffic. A web page gains maximum visibility when it ranks on the first SERP. So, as a content writer, you must know about SEO and how your content will boost your page’s rank. 

Some basic points to remember while writing content include inserting relevant keywords, giving a proper title and subheadings, maintaining a good word count, and giving the website (or webpage) a proper meta-title and meta-description. A compelling title, along with power words, will help in shaping the content. 

Also, according to the current content market trends, adding relevant images, infographics, and videos are known to boost SEO. As a writer, your aim should be to curate proper content so that you lure readers and rank on the top organically. If you are a web content writer, use content properly to make the website rank on the top. 

  • Must be diligent 

Content writer must be diligent because being a content writer means you must invest as many hours as you can in researching the topic, curating good content, and finally editing and proofreading it to produce the best content possible. Hence, a content writer must never be tired of his (or her) work. Be consistent in your work. People who post engaging content frequently tend to gain more readers.

Make sure to keep your website, blog page, or social media handle updated with fresh and unique content to earn organic traffic. Also, be it any subject or topic, there will definitely be some updates and changes every month (or at least biannually). So make it a habit to stay updated about the current trends and work on fresh content continually. Also, ensure to be punctual and adhere strictly to the deadlines. Bringing discipline in the time table will help you reach many milestones.

  • Have a good hold over the language 

One of the content writer skills required is a good hold over the language. There is no easy way or escape in this step. A content writer must be proficient in the language he (or she) writes in. The content writer’s main job is to write engaging content, which will help the reader understand the topic and help in answering the queries. As a writer, if you are not proficient in the language, you cannot produce quality content.

So if you aspire to become a writer or are a budding writer, invest time in learning the language properly. Good language knowledge will help you in creating a beautiful and original piece. If you face problems in the initial stage, start with noting down the points and ideas on which you wish to write the content. Research and explain those points in order to create good quality content.

  • Good communication skills

Content writers must definitely have good writing skills, but they are also required to have good communication skills. This may sound weird since the content writer’s job is to produce original content and not focus on communication skills. But it is necessary that content writers know to express themselves not only through written words but also through good verbal communication. 

The content writers are divided mainly into two categories; individual writers who have their own website and post content frequently on their website and social media handle and professional writers who work for a company (or companies).

If you are an individual writer, it is necessary to have good communication skills, which will help you interact with your readers and understand their issues and clarify their doubts. Your readers may post many comments, and good communication skills will help to talk to them and gain positive criticism and reviews.

Having good communication skills will help you talk to the clients and understand their requirements if you are a freelancer or in-house writer. So, along with content writing skills, work on your communication skills too. 

  • Focus on the topic and format

It is necessary to write about the topic and explain it completely instead of drifting away from the topic to simply increase the word count. One of the main content writer’s skills and qualities is to produce relevant content. Readers get bored if they don’t get what they are looking for. So it is necessary to curate engaging content that is true to its title. Add some fun facts, real-life examples, and relevant statistics to make it more interesting.

Make sure to make your content easily understandable and readable; many tools give you a readability score for your piece. Also, take care of the format. Provide ample space between the paragraphs, give subheadings, and write small sentences to keep the writer interested in reading more.

  • Know your target audience 

It is necessary to know your readers before writing content. Set the target audience (like is the content for males or females, content is relatable to which age group people, etc.) and write the content accordingly. Insert only relevant information according to the topic and your readers. Do not add fluff. Rather try to explain the topic in detail and read once to understand if your content will provide all the necessary details and clarify the queries of your target audience. Also, make the content interactive so that it does not sound monotonous and boring.

Bottom Line

These were a few key skills for a content writer that he (or she) must have in order to succeed in the field. Content marketing is expected to grow tremendously in the coming years and will be one of the top tools used by marketers to expand and improve their business. Hence, the need for quality content writers is expected to increase. Try to watch the content writing tutorials and acquire all the content writer skills required. Being a content writer, make sure to stay updated with the current content writing and marketing trends.


1. How to become a good content writer?

A. The most important skill a content writer should have is to be proficient in the language he (or she) writes in. If you want to become a good content writer, keep practicing and try writing on numerous topics. Invest time in watching content writing tutorials to gain some ideas and tips. Read and write frequently to improve grammar and vocabulary. 

2. What is the job of a content writer?

A. As the name suggests, the job of the content writer is to produce engaging and original content. The writer may be required to produce content for websites, blogs, or social media handles. 

3. What are the skills and qualities a good content writer must possess?

A. The writer must have good language proficiency, good vocabulary, knowledge of grammar, interest to research, and the patience to edit and proofread. These qualities help the writer excel in his (or her) field. 

4. Can anyone become a content writer?

A. Yes, anyone can become a content writer if they have good language proficiency and creative skills. If they lack somewhere, they should be ready to learn the language better and start the writing journey. 

5. Is content writing easy?

A. Content writing is easy if you are ready to invest time in researching the topic, curating, and editing the content. If you have a natural flair for writing and are proficient in the language, you would find the work easy and interesting. 

6. How to start the content writing journey if I have no experience?

A. If you have no experience but have a passion for writing, start simply by writing on any topic, like the latest news, fashion trends, favorite food, etc. Initially, you may lack ideas or face problems while writing long content. The best way to start is by jotting down the ideas that you have in mind and expanding them into the content. 

7. Is content writing a lucrative profession?

A. Yes, if you are a passionate writer and are proficient in the language, content writing is a good profession. Depending on your quality of work and years of experience, you will get paid.

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