How to write more than 10,000 words a week?

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In this digital era, People and businesses get most of their work done by the internet. Companies are using digital platforms to promote their brand and increase sales, whereas internet users gain information about many topics; trends; and buy products and services. Most of the people have to access the internet and use it extensively to get their work done. This is the main reason why digital marketing is flourishing and expected to witness a tremendous boom. 

One of the main tools of digital marketing is content marketing. Marketers and companies are using this tool extensively to gain more traffic. Content marketing comprises two stages, content writing and marketing the written content. Content writing is the process of curating quality, and original content, be it social media posts, blogs, articles, website content, or video scripts to lure the audience. Marketing the content properly on various platforms like search engines and social media sites is necessary to reach out to the target audience. 

So, many marketers and companies search for quality and experienced content writers who will help boost their online presence. The demand for content writers who know creative writing and smart writing is high. If you are a content writer, freelance writer, or are planning to pursue a career in this field and are wondering how to write more than 10,000 words a week, read ahead!

How can I curate 10,000 words in a week?

If you are a content writer (or planning to become one), you should mainly focus on two things; quality and quantity. Impeccable writing will help you in gaining more clients or work for a leading company. Along with quality, you must focus on quantity as well. If you are a content writer, the company will demand around 10,000 words every week, so you must focus on improving your speed. If you are a freelance writer, you will probably be paid according to the number of words you write (price per word), so if you write 10,000 words in a week or more, you can earn a decent amount. 

Creating 10,000 words is easy if you work diligently. You can create 10,000 words or more in a week effortlessly by maintaining a proper time-table and following it rigorously. Practice content writing for at least a few months, and with time, you will see an improvement in not only your writing speed but also your writing style. Creative writing can be achieved with lots of practice and by continually reading and observing the works done by the best writers, and slowly learning how to write unique and engaging content. 

How much time should I invest if I want to write 10,000 words in a week?

The time taken to curate 10,000 words or more depends on your speed and how well you can produce quality creative writing. If you work every day a week, you must be required to curate at least 1500 words every day. The average time to write, edit, and proofread 1500 words, is around three hours. So, every day, if you religiously devote at least 3 hours, you can produce 10,000 words in a week. 

If you want to enjoy your weekends after working for the weekdays, you must produce at least 2000 words in a day. Producing 2000 words in a day, along with proofreading and editing, will at least take 4.5 hours. 

Again the time taken to curate more than 10,000 words depends on your speed and proficiency. It also depends on which type of content you are curating. For example, technical content requires a lot of research, whereas, in creative writing, you need to think something out of the box to curate quality and engaging content. Smart writing is producing only a few lines to attract the audience, so you must invest time to think of something unique and interesting. 

How to maintain the quality of my content?

One of the main questions linger on the writers is: how do I write 10,000 words without compromising the quality? 

Well, some of the simple solutions to this problem include:

A. Invest time and efforts and enjoy what you are doing.

B. Always carry out adequate research before starting to write. 

C. Don’t just try to reach the target (given number of words) but also try to make the content engaging, informative, and interactive. 

D. If you are writing 2000 words in a day, try editing and proofreading the content on the same day as it will help you polish the content effectively. Imagine editing 10,000 words; you will not be able to focus correctly and can make some minor mistakes. 

Tips and tricks to curate 10,000 words within seven days

1. Write and write: Obviously, if you want to produce 10,000 words in a week, you must invest a few hours every day and work consistently. Writing a minimum of 1500 words every day will help you achieve more than 10,000 words in a week. Keep writing every single day to boost your speed and improve your writing style. 

2. Set a timetable: Discipline is the key element to achieve both quality and quantity in content writing. If you are a professional content writer and work for a company, you must adhere to the working hours and achieve the target (number of words per day/ week).  If you are a freelancer and work for two or more organizations or are working on one big project, you must set a proper timetable, which will help you achieve the target of more than 10,000 words in a week. For example, prepare a timetable like, you will devote 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening (whenever you are free and concentrate the most) to write and edit around 1500-2000 words. 

3. Create an outline: Before starting to write any type of content, be it technical, creative writing, articles, blogs, website content, or smart writing, always note down your ideas and create a proper content outline. Develop the framework and ideas into appropriate and engaging content. 

4. Never give up: One of the main points to remember is to keep trying towards success. If you are a budding writer, 10,000 words a week may sound quite exhausting. But do not give up, work diligently every day and try to produce at least 2000 words. Keep working for a few weeks continuously, and you will achieve speed and improve your skills.

5. Understand your topic: Before starting to write, understand the topic. Carry out ample research and get in-depth knowledge about the subject. This will help you produce quantity and quality content. Carrying out research or understanding your topic will help you tremendously to write perfect and informative content. 

6. Always keep a book and pen handy: This tip will help you capture your thoughts and ideas instantly. Always keep a notebook and pen with you at all times (you can choose from digital books or normal traditional diaries). Keeping a book (laptop or tablet) handy will help you write down the points instantly, which strikes your brain. 

7. Complete a particular task on the given day: Never procrastinate as it will lead to piling up on tasks, and at the end moment, you will rush to complete your work, which will majorly affect the quality of the work. It is better to finish the tasks (like curating 1500-2000 every day) and ensure that you proofread and edit the content on the same day. 

Bottom line

Writers can easily curate 10,000 or more words in a week if they work consistently. If you practice writing every day, you will see an improvement in your speed. If you devote at least three hours a day, you can quickly produce quality and perfect content. The time required to curate a certain number of words also depends on the type of writing. For example, smart writing demands more time as the writer has to come up with a few extremely unique and engaging lines, whereas technical writing needs a lot of research. Creative writing needs less time but excellent creative skills. 

Another essential thing to keep in mind while writing 10,000 or more words is the quality of content. Always ensure that you use proper tone and do not make any minor grammatical errors. Make it a habit to check and edit your work daily to polish your content and make it error-free. 

If you are a professional content writer or freelance writer, you must curate at least 10,000 words in a week, so keep these tips in mind and keep working and growing!


Q. How to write 10,000 words in a week?

A. Writing 10,000 words in a week can be achieved if you devote a few hours every day and work diligently to achieve the target. Create a time-table and follow it honestly so that you don’t accumulate work.

Q. How much time does it take to curate 10,000 words?

A. The time taken to curate 10,000 or more words entirely depends on the speed, skills, and experience of the writer. A new budding writer can consume more time to produce 10,000 words compared to an experienced writer.

On average, the time taken to curate and proofread 1000 words is almost 1.5-2 hours. If you devote at least three hours every day, you can curate 10,000 words.   

Q. How to maintain quality while focusing on quantity?

A. The quality of work can be maintained by writing not more than 3000 words in a single day. Once you are done with 3000 words, edit and proofread it on the same day. Don’t rush with the content, carry out research, and then curate quality content.

Q. How many days a week should I work to curate more than 10,000 words?

A. Well, it entirely depends on your skills and speed. But on average, if you curate 2000 words in a day, five days a week, it will be more than enough.

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