12 Content Marketing Trends that will rule 2020

by Content Whale

Digital marketing is slowly replacing traditional marketing. Many marketers have opted for digital marketing as it requires less investment but helps in boosting sales and brand awareness tremendously. One of the main elements of digital marketing is “Content Marketing.” Content marketing involves curating high-quality original content and promoting on several online platforms to gain traffic. It is expected that the upcoming years will witness several content marketing trends. Many updates will keep happening, which will require the writers and marketers to adapt to it. 

Content marketing statistics 2020 indicates that many marketers will solely rely on content marketing to boost sales and increase brand awareness. 

Here are a few content marketing trends which will rule 2020: 

1. Diverse and unique content is one of the best content marketing trends.

Many content marketing trends will come every year, but one marketing technique will always be the most popular one; the creation of unique and original content. The first step towards creating a successful content marketing campaign is to start by writing well-researched and one-of-a-kind content. According to digital content trends 2020, it is better to give variety and diversified content as it will help in retaining the current subscribers and gaining more traffic. 

2. User-generated content trends are definitely a part of content marketing trends.

User-Generated Contenttrends (UGC) will become a major part of digital content trends 2020. UGC is the content (be it any form like videos, images, audio, discussions, reviews, question, and answers) posted by the consumer about a particular service, product, brand, or company. 

UGC is one of the latest trends in content marketing, as genuine content from the customers will help others understand the brand or product. UGC plays a vital role in content marketing as it helps the business to identify their target audience and engage with them to satisfy their queries. UGC helps in customer retention as well because taking inputs from the customers is a sign that the company values them. 

3. Technology will highly influence content marketing and content modeling.

Technology is playing a crucial role in influencing the content market trends. Many AI-based (Artificial Intelligence) tools have come into play according to the content marketing statistics 2020. 

One of the best tools created using AI is a chatbot. It helps the customers to solve their queries instantly by talking to the bot. People can also use AI-based tools to curate engaging and interactive messages which lyres traffic. Marketers have also started to take the help of data analytics to track the traffic and identify the needs of the consumers. More marketers will use KPI (Key Performance Index) to measure the success of their campaigns. Voice search is becoming increasingly popular. 

4. Interactive content is the base of content marketing. 

As said earlier, unique and fresh content is the base of content marketing. According to content marketing trends, if original and interactive content is curated, it is expected to help tremendously in content marketing. 

The content which you are marketing must be good and interactive to keep the readers engaged. Many writers and marketers have started to write interactive content as it keeps them interested and sounds relatable. Interactive content is a part of B to B content marketing trends and helps the businesses to grow immensely. 

5. Taking help of infographics and videos to attract traffic

People have been writing long posts, blogs, articles, and many more types of content, which requires time to read. A slight shift from reading to viewing can be slowly seen here. Articles and blog posts are getting replaced by infographics, high-quality images, and videos. 

This is because people prefer to watch videos rather than read long essays. Also, using infographics and images keep the reader interested, and a person can retain visual data much better. 

According to digital content trends 2020, video is one of the preferred and loved content mediums. The future of content marketing is expected to revolve around interesting and informational videos and infographics.

6. Marketers will utilize B to B content marketing trends.

Marketers are now using B to B content marketing trends to boost sales and increase customer engagement. One of the best content marketing trends is storytelling. Presenting an advertisement or promotional message in the form of a story is known to keep the readers and customers interested. Marketers are also focusing on providing factual and real content compared to promotional material. 

B2B companies are focusing on creating the best content marketing campaigns which will earn them many clients. Personalized messages and Email marketing will also be a major part of B to B content marketing trends. Currently, only 43% of marketers are using ROI, and this number is expected to rise, and people are expected to invest more.

7. Original and relatable content will yet again support positive content marketing. 

One content marketing trend which will play an important role again in 2020 is original content. There are thousands of writers and marketers aiming to improve their business and customer engagement. Hence, unique and fresh content will gain more traffic compared to monotonous and copied content. 

The latest trends in content marketing denote that relevant content will help content marketing. If a marketer uses light, funny, and relatable content to promote his (or her) brand, business, product, or services, he/she can receive a successful outcome from the campaign.

8. People will take more time to curate content according to content marketing statistics 2020

There are many writers and marketers who strive towards achieving success. The competition is increasing with each passing year. To stand unique from others, it is necessary to invest time and effort. Statistics state that writers take 65% more time to write content compared to 2014. 

Writers and marketers are taking more time curate content because:

  • It is necessary to produce original content as copied content will not give traffic and may also raise legal issues.
  • Well-researched content is the need of the hour. Marketers invest quality time in studying the topic and creating proper content.
  • It is necessary to make the content very informative to lure readers. Creating educational content brings organic traffic. 

9. Digital content trends 2020 indicate that there will be a boost in paid promotions. 

Many marketers are using advertisements and paid promotions to create brand awareness and improve sales. Paid promotions are expected to witness a tremendous boost in the coming years. Running ads on various online platforms like search engines, social media (posts, stories, and messengers), and taking the help of influencers comes under paid promotions. Content marketing trends indicate that marketers will be investing money in paid advertisements as it will give a satisfactory ROI.

10. Refurbishing the old content is a part of content marketing trends.

Another content marketing trend that is being followed by many marketers is reusing and rewriting the old content. Be it technology, education, fashion, marketing, healthcare, or any industry, it keeps evolving, and new information comes into light every year. The main work of the writer and marketer is to keep up with the current trends and work accordingly.

One of the latest content marketing trends is to modify the existing content according to the current trends. Refurbishing the content ensures that the old material is not entirely wasted, and at the same time, it is ready to be presented according to the current trends. 

11. Micro-influencers will play a major role according to content marketing statistics 2020 

Micro-influencers are those people who do not have a huge following or are extremely famous. These people have limited but perfect target audiences. Digital content trends 2020 is seeing a shift from quantity to quality. Micro-influencers will help content marketing tremendously in the coming years as they have the correct followers who are the best target audience. They are more engaging and create a positive impact on the audience.

20. 2020 will also witness branded content trends

We will witness branded content trends in 2020. Many companies will engage in posting stories on social media platforms and release podcasts and webinars. Brands are focusing on increasing the reach of quality content. According to the latest trends in content marketing, brands are taking the help of agencies, in-house employees, and influencers to boost their brand awareness and to improve sales. Brands are also using a documented content strategy to improvise their content marketing.

These are some of the prominent content marketing trends. Marketers from across the globe are making predictions about the future of content marketing. Content marketing is expected to become more prominent with each passing year. Digital marketing is the future of marketing and is used by many marketers to grow their business and promote their brand. 


1. How will good content marketing help a business?

A. In this digital age, many companies have opted to utilize digital marketing to make a strong online presence. Content marketing is an important aspect of digital marketing as it helps in SEO, boosts brand awareness, attracts traffic, increases sales, and helps in the overall development of a business. 

2. Will content marketing see a major boost in 2020?

A. Content marketing has been evolving continuously. Every year brings new user-generated content trends. This year, many marketers are expected to rely solely on content marketing to gain traffic and boost sales. The upcoming years will see a slight shift in the marketing mediums. Currently, blogs and emails are the main tools of content marketing, and it will soon be replaced by videos, webinars, and infographics. 

3. Does content marketing work?

A. The main motto of marketers is to gain a good return on investment (ROI). Curating original content and marketing effectively on various online platforms is known to help a business tremendously. Content marketing (if done right) definitely gives satisfactory results. 

4. How to measure the success of content marketing?

A. The success of content marketing, according to the current market scenario, is measured by organic traffic. If your content attracts and engages your target audience and turns them into potential customers, it is seen as perfect content marketing. 

5. Will content marketing help in brand awareness?

A. Content marketing is basically posting quality blogs, images, videos, and other quality content on various online and social media platforms. Posting frequently will tremendously help in brand awareness as more and more people will start taking an interest in it.

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