10 steps to help your blog gain website traffic

by Contentwhale

1. Introduction

Blog writing is a fun activity. You can express your ideas and share views with many using blogs. It can be difficult to attract an audience to your blogs if you are not aware of some simple tips and tricks.

As the saying goes, slow growth = stronger roots! It takes some to gain an audience to your site, during which you might feel discouraged. But gaining organic search traffic will raise your social media followers and have more effect to gain an audience to your websites. These tips help you build online traffic for your blogs on major search engines which will have an enormous impact on your website.

2. Tips to gain blog traffic

2.1 Post frequently

Writing more often will get your website on Google’s high priority list. 76% of the bloggers publish 1-10 posts per week. It is better to keep writing more content while uploading new blogs to stay active and attract a better percentage of visitors to reduce the bounce rate. Not being engaging on social media accounts will not only drop your website to the least visited site, but you may also even lose your Google search traffic or ideal customers. Hence, you must post an informative piece of content with relevant search terms and SEO priorities frequently to get relevant customers and recognition from the search engines.


2.2 Have a catchy title

Those seven to ten words of the title hold much more value than the content you write in the blog. An attractive blog title is crucial for Blog marketing. Your readers will decide whether to open your content piece or not based on the title itself. So a good title does wonder for increasing traffic and click-through rate from the web and mobile devices. If you are writing a blog about makeup, use words related to the cosmetics in your title. Be creative in your content creation instead of just saying ” Beginners makeup”, which is too common.

If anyone with an urgent requirement to know about a specific topic opens your blog only to find out the content is completely different from what the title claims, he/she will keep in mind to never click on your website again. Make sure to have a suitable and creative title to earn potential customers and a better flow of traffic.

 2.2 Promote your content

If you want to understand How to increase blog traffic, promoting your content by employing SEO efforts is a significant trick. For this purpose, you should have insight into the following blog traffic statistics.

  • What is the average age group of your readers?
  • Which social media platform does your audience spend most of their time on?

Understanding the age group will provide you with the required data to understand what content you should publish and what content you should choose to advertise or promote on social media sites. Also, gaining information about the popular social media channels and social networks among the internet users will help a business owner save money by display advertising on those specific platforms instead of everywhere to get rapid growth in direct traffic and better business agility and better customer experience.

2.3 Use keywords

To gain higher blog traffic, always add long-tail keywords to your content strategy. Long-tail keywords are content-specific keywords that are not used commonly. It is one of the most simple ways for Blog marketing. When beginning to start Blog writing, choose a keyword or search query that holds the entire essence of your blog content and use it in all the important areas of your content piece like title, subheadings, text images, etc.  These keywords will allow the search engines to understand what your blog is about, which will help in gaining higher amounts of traffic. (A significant Search Engine Optimization technique). Also, whenever there is a search request, your keyword will help your blog show up in the top search results, boosting the blog’s daily traffic.

2.4 Invest in email marketing

If you are into Blog writing, you should know by now how important Google Ads are. According to the wordstream study, email marketing is the third most influential resource of data. Invest in marketing using emails and build a potential email list to attain a higher contact conversion rate. It would help if you shortlisted your target audience to whom you advertise because there are many dead accounts, spammy links and people with fake email addresses. Advertising to these types of accounts and buyer persona will only leave you at a loss of money and further reduce the monthly visits of your target audience. Hence, it is imperative that you take the help of a traffic analytics tool or Google Analytics and measure the raw traffic coming on your website or blogging platform to gain valuable insights.


So shortlist those targeted leads who you know will act on your email ad so that you can solve your questions about ‘how much money can I make through blogging? Now that you have a list, work on your main aim of Google Ads, use a catchy subject line, and use Facebook-specific targeting for a specific time period to increase your Google Ads and product views.

2.6 Research popular blog trends

Having skilled blog writing techniques is not enough if you can’t keep up with the popular trends. For example, you can’t post content based on trends that died a decade ago and expect a rise in the audience! Research those pages with a wide range of social media attention and direct your SEO strategy and guest posts on these pages to get more audience from those traffic sources. Estimate the traffic and audience insights you can achieve from a particularly popular site based on their social influence if your guest post gets published before pitching to attain a higher clickthrough rate. These pages have gained popularity mostly because of understanding the current trends and publishing content on popular platforms using audience analysis tools to make the content outbound marketing content reach more and more national and regional populations.

2.7 Create lengthy content

Readings show that long-form content and lengthy blog post do well when compared to short blog pages in blog marketing. Firstly, lengthy content makes use of many content-specific keywords. We all know the crucial role keywords play when talking about how to increase blog traffic and better user interface. A blog writing in which there are many keywords is more likely to fulfil customer expectations and be in the top search results than a short page. Secondly, lengthy list posts require heavy research about the topic to provide relevant information to a substantial percentage of the population and gain better search engine rankings. As the actionable content is lengthy, your ideal customers will be satisfied that the page will answer all their queries.


2.8 Hire a good writer

You can always hire writers to create content for you based on your requirements and your business segment. The content on your page must be written well to attract good traffic and an above-average click-through rate from customers. Either you write the answer-focused content yourself or hire someone to write it to ensure that whatever content is produced is liked by your followers. You may be wondering about how to get your blogs picked by google news? But nothing will stand in your way to achieve high blog traffic if your content is unique and well-written by innovative companies experts in the content marketing field as they understand how to leverage the SEO keyword opportunities and remove all negative keywords to enhance your customer experience.

2.9 Add interesting media 

Did you know that articles with images get 94% more views on a mix of devices when compared to the ones without them? Adding media such as using a column chart, graph, or video to your content will make it visually appealing on web and mobile networks. This will increase your blog’s reach significantly, as readers will spend higher average time on your website than blogs with no media. Blog writing is more than just text information, and you can even provide data and affiliate marketing links using these pictures by adding keywords to them. This will, in turn, boost blog marketing and analytics views.

2.10 Give importance to your format

Though adding media will help in making the blog post appear better, formatting is crucial. A blog with no subheadings or bullet points is difficult to read, as the user has to go through each word to understand which paragraph contains what information. For example, if you write excellent content on your page but do not format it properly as per SEO keyword opportunities, your readers will most likely skip your piece of content to save time fishing for their required data.

These tips help you build online traffic for your blogs on major search engines which will have an enormous impact on your website.

3. Summary

Finally, remember that it all comes down to the quality of your content.  Keep updating your website with fresh content topics while adding media and paying attention to the formatting and content repurposing for good reach. Add these tips to your content creation campaign goals, and it will help you get through the tedious, slow phases of gaining higher daily traffic quickly and effectively!

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