10 blogging mistakes which one must avoid making

by Contentwhale

Table of Contents 

  1. Introduction 
  2. Common blogging mistakes you must avoid   
    1. How to create a successful blog post that assists you in declaring your company goals.
    2. Always start your blog with an attractive working title.
    3. Recognize what is relevant to your audience.
    4. Keep updating your content.
    5. Use proper research and give data to support your claim in the post.
    6. Use examples wherever required to back up your claims.
    7. Take some extra time to edit your post.
    8. After proper editing, publish it.
    9. Make a regular consistency of blogging with the help of the editorial calendar.
    10. Ensure proper formatting throughout the article.
  1. The final thoughts

1. Introduction

The purpose of blog writing is to connect you with relevant viewers on search engines. For example, a business blog helps you to increase the number of customers to buy your products. Hence, a blog must be accurate and attractive enough to grab the attention of the customers. 

A quality blog also assists you in raising organic traffic on your website and convert them into leads. Ultimately, it will help you to grow your business. However, if you are a beginner at blog writing, you must avoid some of the biggest mistakes that can lead to loss. Read below to find out a list of blogging mistakes and ways to avoid them to create a popular blog post. 

2. Common blogging mistakes you must avoid

Listed hereunder are some common blogging mistakes to drive higher blog traffic. 

2.1 How to create a successful blog post that assists you in declaring your company goals.

Mistake: It is not necessary that everyone likes your blog post ideas. 

If you are working on your first blog content, The first question that pops up is “How to create killer content?” such that it keeps your reader hooked. However, starting a blog only based on random thoughts is a common mistake. 

 Blog writing should always be beneficial for the company and boost your sales funnel to get more organic traffic. Also, while writing blog posts, ensure that the content must solve the problems of your audience. This thing will ultimately help you grow your business by attracting your target audience. 

For example, you should address your blog’s specific problems and then add your company’s solutions. 

2.2 Always start your blog with an attractive working title.

Mistake: Too broad topics  

Sometimes it isn’t easy to make a single blog post attractive because it contains too much data and detailed information. Adding more details makes your long-form content more specific for the small number of relevant customers on organic search. Also, without an attractive working title, it won’t be easy to draw the customers’ attention and convert them into leads. 

Hence, if you are working on a broad topic, always divide your data into pieces of information and serve the information with an attractive working title. This actionable step will make your content look interesting and reduce the bounce rate on your blog posts. 


2.3 Recognize what is relevant to your audience.

Mistake: You forget about your customers. 

If you want your blog to generate traffic, perform well on search engine ranking, convert customers into leads, and increase sales, it is possible only if you choose blog post topics by considering the customers’ requirements.

Try to add your customers’ challenges and pain to make your blog post outline and subject matter more relevant to the viewers. This will make your content customer-friendly. This will make the audience stay on your page more time and covert on your CTA. 

2.4 Keep updating your content.

Mistake: Not updating content after publishing it. 

One of the biggest blogging mistakes that beginner bloggers make is they forget an article after posting it. They might not go back to it to revise or update their content as per required search engine optimization. After publishing a blog article, you might keep moving to the next article in the plan.

However, it is crucial to revisit the older content and update it with the recent updates and stats. This will help you keep the traffic flowing as viewers will get evergreen content every time they visit your blogging platform. 

2.5 Use proper research and give data to support your claim in the post.

Mistake:  You are not using the data as evidence.

If you are not using any data as evidence to support your claim in the post, the viewer will not believe in you. These days people are more aware of data and like well-researched content. Thus, blog writing with proper research will help you to back up the claims of the company and attract higher traffic to your page. 

For example, short tail and long-tail keywords can affect the search volume of your blog. 


2.6 Use examples wherever required to back up your claims.

Mistake: You are not using enough examples to support your statements. 

Not using examples is yet another common pitfall that many business bloggers fall during their blogging journey. Examples are remarkably significant to support your content. Illustrating your ideas with examples and additional content is always a better way to explain your data to anyone. It makes the content easier to understand and help you excel in your blogging career.  

 2.7 Take some extra time to edit your post.

 Mistake: You think you can make a perfect blog by just writing it once. 

Blog writing is not just about adding content and posting it. It requires proper research, editing and knowledge of different types of blog posts and a content marketing strategy. Hence, upon completing your business blogging or any other blogging niche, take some time to edit your blog using tools like Grammarly for the grammar check or check the SEO score using SEMrush and make your content SEO friendly and reach its target market. 

 2.8 After proper editing, publish it. 

 Mistake: Do not spend days trying to tweak a single article

At times, while starting a blog, writers tend to spend too much time trying to make the article perfect. There will always be something or the other that you will be to change. It might be adding better images or making the article more humorous or tens of other things. However, blog writing experts know when to stop making minor changes and click on the publish button. If you happen to find some error, you can update the article later on.

 2.9 Make a regular consistency of blogging with the help of the editorial calendar. 

 Mistakes: The frequency of posting the blogs is not consistent.

The inbound traffic generated from the posts will be directly proportional to posting the content on the website. The volume of the content is as significant as the consistency with which it is being posted. If you happen to post four articles in one week and no articles for the next two weeks, it might confuse your subscribers. Thus, when you start a blog, you should prepare a timeline for publishing various articles.


2.10 Ensure proper formatting throughout the article

 Mistakes: Too much whitespace, missing headers or bullet points, and no bold text might make your article disengaging.

 Formatting is a significant part of any post. Amazing content with poor formatting might not garner many views. The article must have clear and visible sections. Proper usage of whitespace must be made to reduce the presence of large blocks of text.

 The final thoughts

 Due to the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world went online. This has opened up several new expansion opportunities for businesses and career ventures for the youth. While the content may vary for different niches, it all boils down to having interesting content in the form of blogs and vlogs that are informative to the reader and serve as a marketing tool for businesses and service providers.

Blogs have emerged as the winning content type for businesses to stay on top of their content and marketing game and grab a high organic reach. Hence, it is imperative for every business to spend time and money to hire the right content marketing agency that can help you post killer content and help you throughout your blogging journey. 

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